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Frequently Asked Questions
I have changed my mailing address
Please notify the tax office of any changes in your mailing address. Failure to receive a tax bill does not invalidate the tax and interest. It is your responsibility to notify the tax office if you do not receive a tax bill.

Why does my tax bill say, "Back Taxes Due"?
Coding for this message was entered on May 1. If you have paid your delinquent taxes since May 1, ignore this message. Statements for all unpaid taxes and sewer use charges are included in the envelope with your bill.

I have questions about my tax bill.
If you have questions about your tax bill, please do not wait until the last week of July. Please call the Tax Office when you first receive your bill. We can deal with your questions more easily when we do not have the pressure of people lined up to pay their taxes.

I received a bill for a car that I no longer own.
Don't ignore it. Call the Assessor's Office (526-6029) as soon as you can to discuss the matter. Please don't procrastinate. You may be entitled to a tax credit if you provide the Assessor's Office with substantiating documentation. Those documents must specifically identify the vehicle year, make, model and identification number as well as indicate proof of transfer of ownership. The transfer date will determine the credit due. Two forms of proof are required: * DMV receipt for plates returned.
AND a copy of one of the following:
  • Bill of Sale
  • Transfer of title
  • Police report if vehicle was stolen and not reported
  • Letter from insurance if vehicle was declared "totaled"
  • Copy of validated registration from the new state
  • Junkyard receipt
  • Donation letter if donated to charity
Be certain to do this in a timely manner!

By state statute, the motor vehicle assessments for the October grand list cannot be partially adjusted after December 31. If documentation is not received by that date the bill cannot be adjusted, and will remain due in full.

Why won't DMV let me register a car?
Registrations will not be processed by DMV until all delinquent car taxes are paid in full. We report monthly to DMV on delinquent car taxes paid during that month.

Can I pay my tax bills by mail?
Send one copy of your tax bill along with a check (please do not send cash through the mail) to the Tax Office, 174 Main Street, Deep River, CT 06417.

Can I pay my tax bills with a credit card?
Taxes cannot be paid by credit card.

Can I pay my tax bills in person?
You sure can. We are always happy to see you. Bring all copies of each bill to the Tax Office.

When paying by mail can I get a receipt?
Send all copies of each tax bill being paid to the Tax Office, along with a self address stamped envelope. We will return your receipt(s).

I am still getting a tax bill for a vehicle that was sold, stolen or destroyed.
Proof must be provided to the Assessor's Office to remove your vehicle from the tax list. All documentation must be dated and include the vehicle identification number. A plate receipt from DMV plus any one of the following forms of proof is acceptable: copy of the Bill of Sale, copy of Transfer of Title or copy of out of state registration. Contact the Assessor's Office (526-6029) for a list of other forms of proof for stoles, totaled or junked vehicles.

I sold/traded in my vehicle and changes the plates to another vehicle.
The credit process will be automatic. Pay this July bill on the old vehicle and you will be credited for that payment on the Supplemental bill for the new vehicle when it is issued in Jan.

The address on my motor vehicle tax bill is incorrect.
All information on your motor vehicle tax bill is sent to us from the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles, including your mailing address. Any permanent change in address must be done by you through the DMV.

I moved, but am still receiving a bill from Deep River.
You need to change your TAX TOWN with the Department of Motor Vehicles. Otherwise, you will continue to get bills from Deep River at your new address. PLEASE NOTE: If you lived in Deep River on October 1, your tax bill must be paid in full to Deep River.

I registered my vehicle after Oct.1.
You will receive a supplemental bill payable in January for any new or replacement vehicle which you registered after October 1st and before August 31st.

I am in the active military, how does this affect my motor vehicle taxes?
If you are based out of state, you are entitled to an exemption of one motor vehicle if that vehicle is with you on the base. Written application must be filed with the Assessors Office no later than December 31 following the tax due date.

I am a military veteran, how might this affect my taxes?
If you are an honorably discharged veteran and have not filed your discharge papers with the Town Clerk, contact the Assessor's Office. You may be entitled to an exemption on your real estate or personal property tax.

Am I elegible for any other tax exemption programs?
Numerous programs are available through the Assessor's Office, including exemptions for veterans, disabled, senior citizens, homeowners and renters. If you believe you qualify for one or more of these programs and are not receiving benefits, please call the Assessor's Office 526-6029.

Checks made payable to?
Checks can be made payable to the Deep River Tax Collector.

Deep River Town Hall • 174 Main Street • Deep River, CT 06417

Phone (860) 526-6020 • Fax (860) 526-6023 • email