Town of Deep River, CT
174 Main St, Deep River, CT 06417
ph: (860) 526-6020
Social Services
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, Director of Social Services
56 High Street 
Deep River ,CT 06417 
(860) 526-6033
(860) 526-6085
Tuesday 9am - 12pm
Thursday 1pm - 4pm
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Duties & Responsibilities
Essential services are available on a local level at Deep River Social Services (DRSS) to help in-crisis residents.  DRSS serves as an intake site for State Energy Assistance, Operation Fuel, Service Unit Extension for the Salvation Army, coordinating office for the Deep River Food Bank, Holiday Relief Programs and Community Health Committee administration providing emergency relief for limited basic needs. DDSS assists residents with information and referrals to services and benefits programs, on the local, state and federal level providing application, liaison and limited case management assistance.